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Dinova-lutions 2018: New Year’s Resolutions from our Corporate Office

Happy New Year! As we unwrap our brand new page-a-days, we find ourselves reflecting on the age-old ritual of dreaming up ways to torture change and improve ourselves. Here at Dinova, while many of us coast along, blithely unencumbered by deadlines imposed by lunar phases, there’s always a group of heart-warming optimists who actually make – and attempt to achieve – New Year’s resolutions. We checked in with six of these ambitious goal-setters to see how they will better their lives, knowledge and outlook in 2018.

Austin is enjoying the great outdoors – during work hours?!?!?!


Not surprisingly, half of our survey sample say they plan to change their eating habits or physical activities and work on being healthier. Busting through typical chained-to-technology developer stereotypes (are those even a thing anymore?), Austin says he’s coupling his healthy lifestyle resolution with a commitment to spending more time enjoying the great outdoors. We’re thinking it’s time to institute a “Work Outside Day”. In spring. Or whenever it’s not freezing anymore.




Bisola is keeping up her healthy lifestyle, even if that means giving up the elevator!


Event coordinator Bisola says she plans to better her cardiovascular health while defiantly putting office busybodies in their place by taking the stairs more. “People give me dirty looks for riding the elevator one level up,” she says. “You know who you are.”





Jose is cutting out carbs and hiding his superhero persona!



Meanwhile, over in the finance department, José wants to improve his eating habits by cutting carbs. “They are my kryptonite,” he confesses. Let’s hope the bad guys don’t show up with baguettes. His plan is to drop carbs cold turkey. … Mmm, turkey on baguettes!








But not everyone is focused on food or activity. In account specialist Danielle’s case, she wants less activity and hopes to sleep more in 2018. As she explains, “I’m praying that my toddlers stay asleep at night. This hasn’t worked yet. Please pray for me.” #PrayForDanielle.




“Mi español es muy bueno.”



Demand Generation specialist Trae says he’ll dust off his rusty Spanish and become more fluent in 2018. He has plenty of motivation: his wife knows Spanish and has, on occasion, used it against him. “Since my lovely wife speaks fluent Spanish, I’d like to know when she’s insulting me.”





Thorin says he wants to be happy…but we will believe it when we see it!


Software director (and, apparently, closet logophile – who knew?) Thorin blazes his own path: while he isn’t into making resolutions, every January he instead selects a word that reflects the outlook he hopes to achieve. This year, he chose “happy” and explains that this is to offset the turmoil and anger pervading the world these last few years. Also, he adds, “because my hippy parents would be so proud.”





We’re excited to start 2018 off on the right foot at Dinova, and can’t wait to check in with everyone later in the year to see how they’re doing on their resolutions. (Or, in Thorin’s case, finding his happy place.) Cheers, everyone!

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