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Women Who Empower: Meet Jackie Kurkjian of Potbelly

March is Women’s History Month and at Dinova, we take that seriously. From the hostess stand to the corner office, women in the US have been paving the way for the restaurant industry ever since the first recorded opening in 1765. All month long we’re going to highlight some of the women who empower us to service our restaurant and corporate partners with fervor and inspire us to drive business diners to the Dinova marketplace each and every day. In this post we’re highlighting Jackie M. Kurkjian, National Director of Catering for Potbelly Sandwich Works.

When the clock strikes noon in the office and you’re in that same meeting that you’ve been in since the early morning, food better be on its way. We at Dinova know the importance of catering services in the workplace, whether you’re ordering lunch for a group in the office or planning a private event offsite.


Jackie M. Kurkjian is an expert in the catering field, with over 15 years of experience in the industry. As the National Director of Catering for Potbelly Sandwich Works, she is in charge of developing and growing Potbelly’s robust catering business unit and inspiring a nationwide sales team to exceed their goals. Her expertise includes strategic planning, improving efficiency of operations, directing all aspects of the sales process and developing and implementing multi-channel marketing plans. Ms. Kurkjian is highly regarded in the catering world – so much so that she was selected by The Catering Institute to serve on the Catering Council for Multi-unit Restaurant Operators in 2017.

Friends and colleagues describe Ms. Kurkjian as a true professional in every sense of the word. In her extensive career is she known not only for producing stellar results through innovative marketing strategies and showcasing new revenue streams for restaurants, but she is also a true mentor to others. She has a knack for recognizing talents within someone and challenging them to use those talents to accelerate their career.

And why do we love working with Ms. Kurkjian? “Jackie is amazing to have as a leading professional in the Dinova Marketplace!” notes Leila Willingham, Director of National and Regional Restaurant Brands for Dinova. “She really understands what a business diner is looking for when they need a catering job and she is always putting Potbelly’s name on the map for any opportunity available. Every time there’s a chance for us to serve food for a Dinova event – even if it’s just a small cookie order – Jackie is there, ready to give Dinova business. Jackie inspires me because she says ‘yes’ to every opportunity, takes time to understand the needs of a business inside and out and is an overall incredible woman, both professionally and personally.”


We are honored to work with Ms. Kurkjian and help drive business to Potbelly in all 450+ locations. If you want to make your next lunch really happy with Potbelly’s award winning sandwiches, find the nearest location to your work on our app or web search.



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