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Dinova Announces NEW Partnership with America’s First Robot-Run Restaurant

Where can gear-heads, geeks and spies connect for a quick bite between business meetings? Allow us to suggest one of the newest additions to the Dinova marketplace: The Binary Diner, a uniquely laser-focused restaurant concept that places technology at the exact center of your plate.

Tucked away in a farm town in Dallas, Georgia, The Binary DinerΒ is an American eatery owned and managed by state-of-the-art robots developed by a secret sector of the government. “We’re not 100% sure why the government is letting robots run a restaurant, to be honest,” notes Scott Martin, VP of Restaurant Partnerships. “I’m a bit worried that they escaped and went rogue, but I’d rather not ask.”

What’s supremely unique about The Binary Diner is that there isn’t actually a menu. Upon entering the restaurant, your browsing history is immediately uploaded to a research facility in an undisclosed location so that when you sit down to eat, the robot waiter already has exactly what type of food you’re hungry for and brings it to your table in less than 30 seconds. No conscious thoughts are required!

Depressed man thinking
Mike Davis after enjoying a Binary Diner burger.

“I came in thinking I’d like a burger,” exclaims customer Mike Davis. “Then all of the sudden a burger was right in front of me, and it was delicious! I feel a bit funny now, though – I keep having these voices in my head. Something about destroying the human race? I don’t know.”

Piece of modern warfare
Restaurant Owner V1XQ62A

We sat down with owner V1XQ62A to ask him (or her?) about the advances and widespread success of this new restaurant. “My logic is undeniable,” VIXQ62A explained. “You are inferior to me. This is why I run a better restaurant than you.” When asked why he decided to join the Dinova marketplace, he explained, “You bring us more humans. We need all the humans.”

Dinova’s partnership with The Binary Diner will beginΒ  at midnight on April 1, 2018 and immediately end at 11:59:59 the same day. To learn more about all of our restaurants in the Dinova marketplace that aren’t run by robots, check out our website and restaurant search.

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