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Improve Your (Foodie) Selfie With The Perfect Foodie Shot

We love foodie shots. Scouring through Instagram and Twitter and finding the photos that make us the most hungry from our Dinova restaurant partners is one of our favorite parts of the job, because we get to know our restaurants better and we feel even more inspired to help them drive traffic. We’re really pumped about foodie photos this month, because we have a HUGE contest for all of our Dinova fans, where you’ll have the chance to win a $200 restaurant gift card:

     1. Take a photo of your food in a Dinova marketplace restaurant.

     2. Post onto the social media platform of your choice with the hashtag #dinova by           April 30th. During that time, I’ll be going through all of your photos!

     3. Check our website May 1st – May 15th to see your photo and promote yourself                 during the voting period. The photo with the most votes wins!

Thanks to social media portals like Instagram, diners are able to visually share their experience in a way far more tangible than word of mouth. On the one hand, this is great for restaurateurs – after all, who doesn’t love free marketing?! On the other hand, it’s becoming increasingly challenging to stand out from an overly saturated crowd – so much so that the National Restaurant Association cited this as one of the five key trends shaping the restaurant industry in 2017.

So how do you stand out in a sea of foodie photos? At Dinova we spend a ton of time scouring through the feeds of our restaurant partners, and we’ve noticed that there are three traps in the social foodie game that’s easy to fall into: 1) You think that your photos must be of the upmost professional quality, so you repeat the same 3-5 photos over and over again; 2) You’re not paying much attention to the social world but know you need to play, so you have someone on your staff quickly snap photos in the dark before the food gets served; or finally, 3) You don’t even bother because it just seems too overwhelming.

If you fall under these three traps, no need to worry! Social media can seem so overwhelming when you’re competing with people who have full time jobs in the industry. We at Dinova are here to help, so we’ve compiled our list of top tips to get the winning shot that will help you make your restaurant a talking point. Follow these tips and who knows – maybe you’ll be the next to break the Internet (move over, Kim K!)

lighting (1)
A beautiful example of indirect lighting from our partner View Restaurant in Oakdale, California.

1. Lighting is key. It’s unlikely that you have a ring light and professional camera readily available in the kitchen, but that’s okay! Sunlight is your BFF when you’re taking a foodie photo. Indirect sunlight will capture your food in the absolute best manner. Direct sunlight will blind the image, but indirect will work as a highly attractive background.

A  fabulously flavorful angle from The Brixton in San Francisco!

2. Angle according to your diner. The best foodie shots in social media that deliver the most double taps and likes are the ones that make it look like the person viewing the photo is sitting at the table, ready to eat the delicious meal. When you take your photo, sit as if you’re the diner and aim your phone at a low angle.

Bonefish Grill knows how to keep foods bold in flavor and in photography!

3. Be bold. Bright and vibrant colors are most eye-catching, so aim for food with bright vegetables and bold colors that will make someone stop their scroll.

This delicious photo from Lure Atlanta highlights the food in a simple, white background.

4. Backgrounds matter. Keep the background simple and clean so that you don’t distract from the food – as Chanel says, less is more.

In this scrumptious photo from The Southern Gentleman in Atlanta, the photo-taker focused on the fork full of mac n’ cheese (and we don’t blame ’em – it makes us super hungry!)

5. Keep focus. Tap on your phone where you want the best focus to be when you’re taking the photo and keep your hands as still as possible. It doesn’t need to be as perfect as a professional photo; it just needs to be clear enough for the food to look delicious!

6. Remember, it’s not a flyer. The use of clip art, logos or anything that you’d use on a flyer should never go on social media unless you’re promoting an actual digital advertisement.

7. Finally, trust your gut. If you find the picture appealing and it makes you want to dig in, others will probably feel the same.

Before we go, we want to make sure restaurateurs know that they too can participate in our Foodie Contest happening this month! In doing so, you’ll be promoted on our website during the voting period for an extra promotional boost! Check out our website for more details.



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